Over 100,000 happy customers!🎉•

Spring Sale - Up to 40% off! Ending 05/16

Over 100,000 happy customers!🎉

Spring Sale - Up to 40% off! Ending 05/16

A pillow to support 21st century living

A pillow to support 21st century living

How it started

As sufferers of neck pain, we tried numerous pillows that claimed to help with neck pain. We became tired of throwing out unsupportive, uncomfortable pillows that didn’t help, and in some cases, made our neck pain even worse. We began to prototype the optimal pillow design for maximum support at night.

Our lifestyles have changed,
our pillows haven’t.

For thousands of years we did physical work. We were physically active and life was calm. Back then, a feather based pillow was fine. However, in 2021 our lives are very different.

We sit slouched in front of screens all day, in cars, on office chairs.

Our bodies are crying out for a more supportive pillow.

Most pillows do not consider:
― Spinal curvature
― Breathing airways
― Muscular composition

"These people truly care about your health and wellbeing. My 10 years of shoulder and neck pain are gone and I no longer wake up with a headache."

Morgan H.

Verified customer

The EasySleeper® Pillow will:

  • Align your spine
  • Support your head and neck
  • Open your airways
  • Relax your muscles

A gentle massage. Every night.

The EasySleeper® Pillow unique dip shape provides maximum comfort and support at night. The unique memory foam ‘dip’ shape cradles the head and neck, supporting the spine at night. The slow rebound memory foam moulds to your unique body shape.

Out with the old,
in with the new

We’ve already helped over 30,000 people transition from traditional feather based pillows over to the EasySleeper® Pillow. We have thousands of positive reviews for the EasySleeper® Pillow. We are thrilled to be helping more and more people every day to experience the benefits of supportive sleep.

Improve your wellbeing. And the world.

The Sleep Easy community goes beyond the EasySleeper® Pillow. We are all about improving peoples’ wellbeing. And we further to be kind to animals and the environment. Our pillows are:

  • Chemical-free
  • Cruelty-free
  • Recyclable

What our customers say

1 / 6

Amazing, haven't once woke up with neck ache or backache. Well worth it.

Lynn B.Verified customer

From first use this pillow has given me what others haven't - a good night's sleep. Still working a month on and happy to recommend it 100%.

Joanne D.Verified customer

The first night I used it, I slept for over 9 hours! Best night’s sleep and no stiff and crunchy neck and shoulders.

Sally H.Verified customer

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