Over 100,000 happy customers!🎉•

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Over 100,000 happy customers!🎉

Spring Sale - Up to 40% off! Ending 05/16

How To Use Your EasySleeper Pillow

How To Use Your EasySleeper Pillow

If you're reading this, chances are you've made the leap towards supported sleep. Congratulations, a brilliant decision for your own personal health and well-being. We are excited for you to experience the benefits.... The EasySleeper® helps with: - Relieving neck stiffness, tension & pain. - Chronic neck pain from joint conditions e.g Arthritis, Bursitis - Upper back or shoulder pain - Tension headaches and migraines - Insomnia - Sciatica - Scoliosis - Whiplash and sports-related injuries - Morning stiffness and swelling - Sleep apnea & snoring

Step 1: Unboxing Your EasySleeper

As a sustainability-first company, we’ve ensured all our packaging is either recyclable or biodegradable. Our boxes are recyclable, and the plastic wrap around your pillow is biodegradable. Unboxing and unwrapping are simple, so we won’t explain them to you! But here’s what you can expect on arrival:

Step 2: How To Position on Your Bed

Simply replace your existing pillow with the EasySleeper Pillow and ensure the contoured dip is positioned to support your neck as per the image below. Done!

Step 3: Best Practice For Sleeping Positions

The EasySleeper has been designed for back and side sleepers. Although the pillow can be used for front sleeping, we would never recommend you sleep on your front. Front sleeping is extremely bad for your posture and could be the reason you are experiencing issues.

Back sleeping

To sleep on your back, sleep with your head in the contoured dip in the middle of the pillow. You should feel your spine align and your neck straighten.

Side sleeping

To sleep on your side, use the lateral raised sides of the pillow. Your shoulder should fit snugly in the space underneath.

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